Classes and Workshops in Butoh (Japanese Contemporary Dance)


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The Friday class continues until June 28th.
The Saturday class continues until June 29th.

Regular classes are suspended in July and August.
The first class of the 2019-2020 season will be held on Friday, September 13, 2019.
School Forum: Saturday, September 7th at the Carreau du temple - A collective performance is planned.
The 2019-2020 season, places, schedules and rates remain the same as the 2018-2019 season.



Place Discipline Date Professor Dress code Rates with Membership

Carreau du Temple
4 rue Eugène Spuller 75003 Paris
2 rue Pérrée 75003 Paris
(M° Temple, République)

Studio de Flore

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Regular class
All levels

7:00-8:30 pm
including the changing



Juju Alishina

& her assistants

standard dance /
exercise wear


valid for 2 places

1 classe= 17
classes= 150
( Ticket validity: : 3 months)
classes= 200
( Ticket validity : 3 months)
classes= 280
( Ticket validity : 7months)
35 classes= 350
( Ticket validity : 1 year)
70 classes= 600
( Ticket validity : 1 year)




Centre sportif des Lilas

(Gymnase des Lilas)

5, rue des Lilas 75019 Paris
(M° Place des Fêtes)

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Regular class

All levels





Traditional Japanese Dance
Regular class

All levels

* 12:00pm -2:00 pm including the preparation of kimono.
( reservations needed)


simple kimono

We can order your kimono
to Japan

1 classe= 17
classes= 150
( Ticket validity: : 4 months)

Pass valid for 1 full year

  • Membership fee to the association NUBA: 35 / 1st year 25 / from 2nd year
    valid 1 full year (ex: from October 5, 2015 to October 5, 2016)
  • Fee without Membership 1 class = 20 € / 4 class = 70 €
  • Ways of payment : Directly to the professor. check or cash.
  • Subscription card
  1. Once purchased, cards are not reimbursed.
  2. Cards are nontransferable to others.
  3. Membership fee : Valid to 1 year from purchase.
  • School holidays: The Saturdays' classes are suspended during School Holidays.
    Fridays' classes : please check the schedule before come to the class.
  • Interior Rule : NUBA has the privilege to exclude person having committed physical or moral damages to the Company, its representative or members, in order to keep its activity and its mission in best conditions.

PROGRAM ( 3 work objectives )
Gymnase des Lilas, photo:KôS video2: click here! Regular class <Technical instruction > ( All levels )
  • Basic training of Butoh
  • Walking
  • Ondulation (transmission of waves)
  • balance between action and release, tension and letting go
  • Improvisational dance technique
  • Contact
  • word play
  • Exercices with ball
  • Gestures
  • Voice training
  • Study of facial movement
  • Composition
  • Choreography

Regular class< Body control/ Wellness> ( All levels )
  • Body control : postural tonus regardless of action
  • Breathwork
  • Muscular training and exercises
  • Stretching
  • Limbering up
  • Strength and flexibility exercises
  • Awakening and circulation of energy (chi)
  • Raising consciousness and managing stress
  • Relaxation
  • Japanese massage (Shiatsu)

video1: Click here!
Occasional workshops <Workshops for exploration and creation>
(experienced and professional levels)
  • Theory
  • Character work
  • Training of physical memory
  • Exploration of the image set in action
  • Approach to stage production
  • Rhythmic work with musicians
  • Make-up techniques, costumes
  • End-of-workshop presentation

Magazine SANTE (Health) in August, 2006
Zen, the Butoh,
The Butoh has many different qualities. the Butoh is for Antistress and relaxation, the Butoh is a discipline phisique as so intellectual, halfway enter art martiel and contemporary dance.
Born in Japan in the 60s and influenced by European avant-gardes, this " dance of darkness " at first attacked big taboos: violence, eroticism, death. The Japanese choreographers tried to express all the palette of feelings: bodies painted in white, slow movements, distorted and deformed postures which aim to connect conscious and unconscious, outside and the inside.
Today, the classes of Butoh every public propose a serene version, a source of prosperity rather than exorcisme. - A means to investigate all the facets of the being through the body, the feelings and to prop up the internal rhythm in accordance with the cycles of the life.
Trump cards shape
Control of the body, Breathing, master the gesture, learning of the release , codified chains of movements and improvisations, in duet or solo.
It’s a more than a dance, a real therapy! There are many profits on the physical plan: excellent for the back, the Butoh seeks all the deep muscles, develops flexibility and coordination while favoring a perfect oxygenation. Ideal to re-harmonize energies and to feel as well in our body as in the head.
Where you can learn the Butoh?
Company Nuba, directed by the Japanese choreographer Juju Alishina, at the Carreau du templ and at the Centre sportif des Lilas.

Summer Butoh Workshop Summer Fan dance Workshop

Summer Butoh Workshop
with Juju Alishina (Choreographer, Butoh dancer, professor of Japanese Dance)

8-13 July 2019
(Butoh : 30 hours) All levels
Monday - Saturday 14:00 - 19:00

19-24 August 2019

(Dance with Fan : Traditional to Contemporary : 30 hours)
All levels
Monday - Saturday 14:00 - 19:00


The Alishina Method

Juju Alishina‚s style proposes a well-balanced and harmonious approach of the Butoh dance movements in all its abundance. Since 1982 Juju Alishina has developed the practice of Butoh. Her work respects the body, maintaining it in excellent physical condition. Juju Alishina‚s method is based on her in-depth research of diverse forms of Asian dance, as well as her own personal and authentic Butoh dance experiences.
This method proposes not only a creative approach to dance movement but also an initiation into Alishina's aesthetics and the phliosophy of Butoh dance expression.
The participants will find in the physical exercises a means of expression and freedom. They will be in a position of active participation and be called to think, imagine, invent, and create.The more regularly classes are attended, the more participants will benefit from the training.Accessible to all--- Novice, qualified dancers or actors alike--- Butoh can be practiced at any age. Butoh provides endless creative resources in the construction of your own personal axes.
Juju Alishina invites you to discover yourself through the practice of this art form called Butoh.
January 2010, her book "Dance Training in the Alishina Method " was published in Japan, published in France in 2013, and
published in UK and USA in 2015.


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