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Butoh Dance + Theremin Music (Japan Tour 2014)

Butoh Dance 

-Teaching The Japanese Dance
Butoh Dance and Traditional Japanese Dance (4 complete choreographies)

-Dog Rules
Butoh Theater


Butoh Dance/ Theremin Music
Choreography / Staged by Juju Alishina
Recorded at Tokyo Japan in 2014
Video: Masanori Omori
Cover graphism: KOS-CREA
Theremin music composition: Noritaka Ubukata
Percussions: Tomohiro Yahiro
Costumes: Juju Alishina (creation) Yukari Yanagi (realization)
Stage manager: Atsushi Ishiba
Lighting manager: Atsushi Saegusa
Sound manager: Junji Tanaka
Audio configuration assistant: Sachiko Katayama
Filming: Kakuya Ohashi, Nobuo Tsuji
Production rights, author: Juju Alishina

Buremin is the name invented for a show that combines Butoh Dance and Theremin, two rare artistic disciplines.
The full capacitance of the Theremin is brought by the body of the instrumentalist and his movements. The Theremin is a very physical instrument which quintessence is linked to the the movements of the human body.
The combination of the sonority of this instrument with Butoh Dance gives a unique and spectacular dimension:
The show is divided into three parts: The Sea,The Earth and The Sky. The dancer interprets three characters who encounter different situations, but who make the same observation: the sea is contaminated, the earth is destroyed and the air is polluted. The show is partly influenced by natural disasters in Japan and around the world but it is not its only propos. Besides the theme of nature, which may seem a common theme, the background of the play is complex, it addresses various social issues, such as violence, war, femininity, sexuality...
Under the guise of meeting Nature, this play is an invitation to equilibrium and harmony. The whole performance symbolizes Man’s perseverance to seek balance. In fine, it delivers a positive and benevolent message.

This DVD is on sale in Japan at NAUTILUS RECORDS


Butoh Dance Performance
Choreography/Staged by Juju Alishina
Recorded in Ohio, USA in 2007
Filming, Montage: Christian Faur
Cover Graphism: KOS-CREA
1st part- 33:40 Juju Alishina + 7 dancers
2nd part- 18:40 Juju Alishina solo
1st part extract- 7:40 minutes Juju Alishina + 7 dancers
2nd part extract- 6:25 Juju Alishina Dance solo with a fan.
Production right, Author: Juju Alishina
Production: NUBA, Denison University

SANGO is a show created by Juju Alishina at Denison University (Ohio, USA).
SANGO means “coral” in Japanese. This title was chosen in reference to the depths of the sea described in the drama.
This is the story of a sinking ship. Juju Alishina’s character is a doll. The other dolls represent the souls of the shipwrecked as well as natural elements such as coral, which is all-present during the story.
The Choreograph’s mission was to create a show with 7 young dancers as well as to teach at the university.
At the beginning of the year, an audition was made to select 7 students from the dance department. The second part of the show was rerun in Portugal in 2009.

Teaching The Japanese Dance

Butoh Dance: 12 minutes 26
Traditional Japanese Dance (4 complete choreographies): 20 minutes 43

Recorded in Ohio, USA and in Paris, France in 2007
Filming: Christian Faur, KOS-CREA© KOS-CREA
Editing, DVD making, cover graphism: KOS-CREA
Production right, Author: Juju Alishina
Production: NUBA

Links to video extracts:
Danse Butô, Danse traditionnelle Japonaise

This DVD’s purpose is to explain Juju Alishina’s teaching method in Butoh Dance as well as in traditional Japanese dance, throughout her classes. In Butoh, amongst other things, we can discover her breathing workout as well as theory, work on the Ki and on improvisation.
In traditional dance, we learn about kimono wearing, working with the fan and view four complete choreographies.
You will certainly find your own method within The Alishina’s mehod!

Dog Rules

Butoh theatre performance

Choreography, direction, text: Juju Alishina
Playwriting and French adaptation: Christine Taniga-Smith
Recorded in Paris, France, in 2007
Shooting: KOS-CREA
Filming, editing, DVD making, cover graphism: KOS-CREA

Duration: 65 minutes

Production right, Author: Juju Alishina
Production: NUBA

Link to video extracts:
00:05:18 - 00:06:18

Dog Rules is for Juju Alishina a very special play. She was already thinking about its conception in 1995 while on a trip in the Egyptian desert. In 2007, an important year for Juju Alishina, she found a way to integrate theater and speech in a Butoh dance performance. She wrote the text in the USA and the same year, with the collaboration of Christine Taniga-Smith, the French text was finalized. Dog Rules is a very personal play, as right after its creation, her husband offered her a white puppy resembling the character played by Juju Alishina in the play.

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