Sokkyo#9_Butoh Improvisation
by Dance Company NUBA (direction: Juju Alishina)







Tuesday, March 18, 2014/ 18:00-22:00

photo: Alain Dodeler

“Sokkyo”, in Japanese, means “ improvisation”

Established in Paris since 1998, NUBA has been actively working on the transmission of Butoh (Centre de danse du Marais, Micadanses,etc.) through classes, workshops and performances.

In order to deepen and widen the expansion of Butoh to amateurs and professionals, help them understand the process of choreography, and offer professional and pre-professional dancers the opportunity to practice Butoh in interaction with an audience, the company proposes:
Public improvisation sessions accompanied by a musician

The audience can either participate to the improvisations, or simply be a viewer.

Choreographer, Juju Alishina takes her inspiration from Tatsumi Hijikata, who has casually worked on improvisation, with writers such as Yukio Mishima, who suggested him themes on which he created. We propose Butoh improvisation sessions in a contemporary style.

In 2011, four SOKKYO sessions approached dancing in duo, Calligraphy as well as improvisational techniques, whereas three sessions held in 2012 saw the participation of Japanese Butô dancers Masaki Iwana et Toru Iwashita, as well as a session of 11 performances by young dancers.

On May 21, NUBA was proposing its eighth session with 10 performances by young dancers.
This time, you will dance with the music by Theremin.

VIDEO : Youtube,, dailymotion

Tuesday, March 18, 2014 / 18:00-22:00
Doors open at 20:00 for the audience

Rates per session:

Active participantion (18:00-22:00):
Full price (non-members): 35 € - Members *: 30 €
Level: dance experience required (experience considered sufficient if you are already a student of Juju Alishina’s classes)
Dress code: BLACK (Training wear - for exemple, T-shirt, pants, socks. skirt, dress possible for the performance)

Viewers only (20:00-22:00)
Full price: 10 € - Members 5 €
* Yearly membership to Dance Company Nuba (non-profit-organization) : 30 €

Micadanses -15 rue Geoffroy-l'Asnier 75004 Paris (M ° Saint-Paul)

Studio: May-B (basement, bottom)

Agrandir le plan

Please contact us by phone (01 40 27 08 83) or by E-mail

As space is limited, subscription is mandatory.

Running of Sessions

1) 18:00 - 20:00.: Warming up + rehearsal(participants only)

2) 20:00.: Welcoming of the audience (viewers only)
3) 20:10 to 21:00 some improvisations by the participants
4) Break - We prepare some snacks for the participants and the audience.
5) 21:10 - 21:40. Juju Alishina solo + musicians

Presentation of one part of the new creation"Buremine" which will be perforled in Japan (Fukuoka, Tokyo, Kyoto) on April 2014
6) Session will end at 21:45 latest.

The next sessions will be taking place on September 2014. Different topics will be discussed at each session.

Intervention du 18 mars

Norikata Ubukata - Thereministe

Mael Guezel (Percussionist)


Juju Alishina - Butoh Dancer

Click the photo - ©Makoto Horiuchi

"When you compare an improvisation which only takes a few seconds to set up with a work that takes three months to choreograph, is it just the time spent in the preparation that parts both?
Real improvisation rises on the spur of the moment : it is neither a simple re-arrangement of some previously determined information, nor the interpretation of an already made choreography.
Learning a choreography amounts to assimilating something coming from the outside, and to procede henceafter to a series of adjustments: however, our body is already full of various movements and forms, that improvisation consists in taking advantage of. This is reminiscent of oriental medicine which aims at stimulating our natural healing power. "Dance Training the Alishina Method" - Juju Alishina


Production Company NUBA - Supported SPEDIDAM and Micadanses, benefits from a studio at the CND (Centre National de la Danse)


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