Juju Alishina




born in Kobe in Japan May 12th 1963

Living in Paris France

Director of the Cie NUBA since 1990

She loves Dogs



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Japanese Dancer and Choreographer

Born in Kobe (Japan) and trained in traditional Japanese dance, Juju Alishina has worked in Butoh since 1982.
In 1990, she founded her own company, Nuba, in Tokyo in the pursuit of a new style of Butoh.
Juju Alishna's career is without borders: she has performed with her dancers in Japan, USA, Israel, and Europe, as well as at international festivals around the world.
Having assimilated many different styles and approaches to dance, she has developed her own unique and original movements, exploiting the possibilities of eastern dance to their fullest.
She is considered an important figure in the third generation of Butoh, having created a "fine blend of traditional and avant-garde" styles.
The trademark of the Nuba dance company is its paradoxical combination of shadow and celebration .
While remaining loyal to the ceremonies of ancient Japan and eastern dance in general, it is an exciting new approach to Butoh.
In its first stage of development (1990 - 97), more than 36 dancers and 40 other staff members worked on performances, exhibitions and dance workshops
During the second stage (since 1998), Juju Alishina moved her company to Paris and began a new chapter in her career. surrounded by her company of new dancers and musicians then she is developping her own methods in Paris.
Since 2007, Juju Alishina has taught Japanese dance (Traditional and Butoh) in some Universities in USA.
Since 2011, Juju Alishina has organised Laboratory-Performance SOKKYO pour research of Butoh improvisation. then she was invited to dance as a representative of Japanese dance in the Festival of Dance at the Grand Palais.
In 2012, she is a member of the National Jury of the contest "Dancing with your CROUS".
Her methode of dance, "Butoh Dance Training - Secrets of Japanese dance through the Alishina method" was published in Japon in 2010, and is now translated and published in France, Canada, Australia, the UK and the USA.
The choregraphy Juju Alishina built around the character of Asian dance, today appeals to other disciplines. Juju Alishina is regarded worldwide as one of the leading figures amongst active Butoh dancers.

"You" are enveloped by your nationality, environment, social group, and physical features.

Is this your true self? Are you able to "choose"who you are? One cannot escape from one's own "body", but the spirit of the individual is free.

Butoh is derived from the common human desire to escape the body and reach the core of one's spirit.

This is perhaps why Butoh is renowned all over the world and practiced by all nationalities.

Juju Alishina (2002)



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