Summer Workshop in Paris 2020
with Juju Alishina

Booking starts on the 10th May 2020 !



For All Public



Nihon-Buyoh (Japanese Traditional Dance)

July 20 - 25 2020

Booking starts on the 10th May 2020

August 17 - 22 2020

Booking starts on the 10th June 2020
14:00-19:00 (5 hours)
14:00-19:00 (5 hours)
The total working hours
26 hours (Butoh) + 4 hours (Shiatsu)
30 hours

Juju Alishina (Butoh)
Toshi ichikawa (Shiatsu)

Juju Alishina (Dance)
Dress code

Standard (ex : T-shirt, pants, socks)

For the performance, please bring black clothes.

Standard (ex : T-shirt, pants, socks) 14:00-15:00
Yukata (kimono simple) 15:00-19:00

Early Booking Discounts :

Booking before June 20 - 315 €
after June 20
- 350 €
for one workshop
+ the membership fee

No part cancellation is allowed.

Early Booking Discounts :

Booking before June 17 - 280 €

Booking before July 17 - 315 €
after July 17
- 350 €
for one workshop
+ the membership fee

Renting for 6 days= 50 €
(1 kimono, 1 sash, 2 cords, 1 fan)

kimono and fan come from Japan

No part cancellation is allowed.

Membership fee to the association NUBA: 35 / 1st year 25 / from 2nd year
If you participate 2 workshops, 30 discount from the total fee
Micadanses 15, rue Geoffroy-l'Asnier
75004 Paris FRANCE

Studio : May-B (sous-sol au fond) 200 m2

Micadanses 16, rue Geoffroy-l'Asnier
75004 Paris
Studio : Biped (1er étage) 150 m2


Photo : Fumihiro Niwa

To subscribe :

Send us a Registration form to

download/Registration form (July)

downloadr/Registration form (August)

Then send us a check of 35 euros to book your reservation (Non-refundable if you cancel the workshop) We'll inform you the addres.


Send 35 euros by bank. we'll send you a bank RIB.

You will pay the workshop fee on the 1st day of workshop.


15, rue Geoffroy-l'Asnier 75004 Paris

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*This studio is center of Paris, very comvenient and has lots charm of old Paris.

Studio MayB 200m2     Improvisation
Drinks dispenser Break Mini-party Shiatsu Massage Lesson
Dance with fan
Dance with Umbrella
Technique maquillage blanc


Japanese dancer and choreographer. Born in Kobe(Japan) and trained in traditional Japanese dance, Juju Alishina has worked in Butoh since 1982. In 1990, She founded her own dance company, Nuba, in Tokyo. She has performed with her dancers in Japan, USA and Europe. Having assimilated many different styles and approaches to dance, she has developed her own unique and original movements. having created a "fine blend of traditional and avant-garde" styles. The trademark of the Nuba dance company is its paradoxical combination of shadow and celebration. While remaining loyal to the ceremonies of ancient Japan and eastern dance in general, it is an exciting new approach to Butoh.
Juju Alishina moved her company to Paris and since then has developed her own methods beyond Butoh dance and has lead several artistic and educational activities worldwide. Her dance method book "Butoh Dance Training - Secrets of Japanese dance through the Alishina method" is published in three different languages and is read all over the world.

Toshi ICHIKAWA practiced shiatsu in spas and fitness clubs for several years. He is now an independent practitioner in Paris (Cabinet DELAMBRE, Paris 14e) and teaches shiatsu to future practitioners in the FFST, in his own school.

Photo : Fumihiro Niwa

The Butoh has many different qualities. the Butoh is for Antistress and relaxation, the Butoh is a discipline phisique as so intellectual, halfway enter art martiel and contemporary dance.
Born in Japan in the 60s and influenced by European avant-gardes, this " dance of darkness " at first attacked big taboos: violence, eroticism, death. The Japanese choreographers tried to express all the palette of feelings: bodies painted in white, slow movements, distorted and deformed postures which aim to connect conscious and unconscious, outside and the inside.
Today, the classes of Butoh every public propose a serene version, a source of prosperity rather than exorcisme. - A means to investigate all the facets of the being through the body, the feelings and to prop up the internal rhythm in accordance with the cycles of the life.

(Article written about the work of Alishina, Magazine SANTE(Health) in August, 2006 France )

- Butoh basic training, Walking, Improvisational dance technique, Voice training, Composirion, choreography, Theory,
- Awareness - Strength & Flexibility - Mind & Body - Alignment - Dynamic Energy - Co-ordination - Precision - Centering - Gravity - Breathing - Body Intersection - Awakening and circulation of energy (chi)
- Exploration of the image set in action
- Approach to stage production,
- Relaxation, Discussion,

video 1
video 2

video 3

Nihon-Buyoh (Japanese Traditional Dance)

Nihon-Buyoh is the traditional art of dance and mime in Japan, which appeared in the Edo period (at the beginning of the 17th century) from older traditions. Although performed independently by specialists, this art is particularly associated with the style of dance performed by the geishas. It is a very complex dance using techniques that combine the use of the fan, the parasol and certain specific accessories.

Juju Alihsina's internship offers 6 days of work around a few pieces. his learning allows him to acquire the main techniques of Nihon Buyoh, with fan, parasol, tenngui (fabric) and bare hand.
The days start with a physical preparation then a kimono - learning and maintenance. At the end of the course, participants will practice kabuki white make-up (Make-up product supported by the company Nuba).



In the Eastern tradition, Shiatsu is a method for prevention and maintenance of good health, and it is officially recognized as such in Japan.
It is a manual technique of Japanese origin (shi means finger and atsu pressure) by which you exercise pressure with your thumbs, fingers and palms. Shiatsu is very effective and completely natural, it helps restore and maintain the body's equilibrium. It is a form of manual acupuncture (without needles), acting on the physical and the psyche.
It allows the receiver to overcome his emotional problems and release tension. It stimulates the mind and body without side effects, allowing the elimination of mental and body fatigue.
Shiatsu is based on an eastern complete medical system which explains the human body in terms of a network of meridians through which energy flows. This energy is called Ki in Japanese.
During the course, the trainer shows the basic sequence of specific movements. The participants practice on each other with the intervention and guidance of the trainer.

Photo : Christian Faur



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20 - 25 July 2020 Butô - All level

These training coursse are open to all:
- Anyone subscribing for the first time
- Anyone having followed even a few trainings
- Anyone wishing to workout intensively

Monday 20
Tuesday 21
Wednesday 22
Thursday 23
Friday 24
Saturday 25
14h-15h - Presentation of the programmes of the cours
- History of Butoh
Butoh basic training,
- Awareness - Strength & Flexibility - Mind & Body - Alignment - Dynamic Energy - Co-ordination - Precision - Centering - Gravity - Breathing - Body Intersection
- Awakening  



-Circulation of energy KI (chi)

- KI work
-Choreography using KI


- Butoh basic training,


Voice Training



Facial training
Activity in the open air

Relaxation, Stretching
- History of Butoh
(projections video)

- Relaxation, -Discussion



17 - 22 August 2020 Nihon-Buyô - All level

  Monday 17 Tuesday 18 Wednesday 19 Thursday 20
Friday 21

Saturday 22




Wearing the kimono

Basic training

History of the Japanese dance
(projections video)
Basic training
Make up in white
Japanese Folk Dance
 Dance with hands
Dance with a fan
 Dance with a fan
 Dance with a tenugui
Dance with a parasol

Discussion &
mini party

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Tel: +33(0)1 40 27 08 83 ( 8:00-12:00 Cie NUBA)


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