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Juju Alishina UK Tour 2016


Juju Alishina, Japanese Choreographer and Butoh Dancer in Paris                                                                            
Direct from Paris, for one night only       


Butoh Performance

Juju Alishina Butoh Solo
Accompanied on Violin by Thol Mason

Nuit Rouge (Red Night)

FRIDAY 6th May       8.00pm      Lansdown Hall and Gallery, Landown, Stroud Glos GL5 1BB

£12 on the door, £10 in advance
Tickets online : http://www.trybooking.co.uk/423 
in person : Star Anise Café, Stroud

Running time 60 minutes
1st part : Juju solo 30 minutes
Intract 15 minutes
2nd part : Juju solo accompanied on Violin by Thol Mason

Juju Alishina is one of the veterans of Japanead Butoh dance having had a professional career spanning 33 years and danced on more than a thousand stages in Japan, Europe and the USA. Her work is appreciated as a fine blend of the traditional and the avant-garde. And its trademark is the paradoxical combination of both the shadow and the celebration. Usually she performs with her dancers and musicians but for this occasion she has composed a solo dance show especially.  The 1st part is one part of her choreography « Sweet Beasts » and the 2nd part is « Desire for Infinity » accompanied on Violin by Thol Mason. The theme throughout  this evening is « RED » so we have entitled this show « nuit Rouge or Red Night »  You will journey through an exciting red nightmare of aesthetic confusion where you may find experimental images that are heart piercing. Finally we hope you may experience a zen state of mind of calmness, stability, and clarity. Between the 1st and 2nd part, you can relax with Japanese tea and snacks in the bar and you will find some DVD’s of her other dance pieces and the book written by Juju Alishina and recently published in English.

uju Alishina is an important and bold cultural innovator and searing performer’                
Andrew Belser, Director MFA, Penn State University

‘Accessible dance expression, oozing with serenity and depth’                                      France Tribune Newspaper

Press 1 (1990-2000)

Press 2(2000-2009)

Press 3(since2010)

Choreograpies available for 2016-2017


Butoh Workshops
with Juju Alishina

Stroud:    Saturday 7th May 12.00am – 6.00pm    
Lansdown Hall,
Lansdown, Stroud, GL5 1BB Tel: 01453 767576                                                                         www.lansdownhall.org
Bristol:    Sunday   8th May   1.00pm – 7.00pm    
St Werburghs Community Centre, Horley Road,
St Werburghs, Bristol BS2 9TJ       Tel: 0117 9551351                    www.stwerburghs.org
Price per workshop £50     

To book online: Stroud: http://www.trybooking.co.uk/432
                         Bristol: http://www.trybooking.co.uk/433   

Places limited, book early to secure your place. To book and for further details :  E-mail

10% discount, performace/workshop combined
or 10% discount for taking both workshops.

All ages, all levels (Beginner to Professional)
Dress code : standard dance exercise wear, example: T-shirt, pants, socks.

Presentation of our workshop: The course objective will address, in a contemporary approach, different bodywork techniques: breathing, voice alarm and flow of energy (KI) These will be developed to further Butoh movement’s balanced and harmonious ways. Emphasis will also be placed on improvisation, according to the creative and authentic method of Juju Alishina. Her approach to dance movement as a means of expression and release, will encourage participants to think, imagine, invent and create. An immersion in the aesthetics and philosophy of the great Japanese artistic movement.

Programme: Butoh basic training, KI Work, Body intersection, Application, Voice Training, Facial Training, Technique for improvisation, Animal movements, Discussion, History of Butoh,

Butoh was born in Japan in the 60s and influenced by the European avant-garde Created to change many aesthetic and conservative ideas, according to Juju Alishina it was not only the emergence of a new style of dance, it was life itself concentrated in a new form. The famous Butoh rituals of life: birth, flames of passion, pain, death. The1980s witnessed the emergence of a new wave of Butoh in which dance movements are resolutely contemporary, It is to this new aesthetic that Juju Alishina can be linked.

Considered a key figure in the third generation of Butoh, Juju Alishina’s method offers a well-balanced and harmonious approach to Butoh dance movement in all its abundance. Working in compliance with the body, she built her method from deep research into varied forms of Asian dance and her own authentic living experience of dancing bodies, assimilating many forms and developing her personal style since 1982.
Accessible to all from beginners to experienced dancers and actors of all ages, her method provides not only a creative approach to dance movement but also an introduction to the aesthetics and the philosophy of Butoh, as a means of expression and release. Useful information on the page http://www.dansenuba.fr/html/coursengl 

Biography of Juju Alishina – Choreographer, Butoh Dancer: Trained in traditional Japanese dance and Butoh, Juju Alishina founded her own company ’NUBA’ in Tokyo. In 1998, she moved to Paris, where she developed her own teaching of traditional and contemporary dance. The choreography Juju Alishina, built around the character of Asian dance, today appeals to other disciplines. Juju Alishina is regarded worldwide as one of the leading figures amongst active Butoh dancers. Her method of dance,Butoh Dance Training – Secrets of Japanese Dance through the Alishina method’ was published in Japan in 2010, and is now translated and published in France, Canada, Australia, the UK and the USA.


Photo : Jean Claude Flaccomio, Andrew Belser, Jeremie Lortic,


Fauves Sucrés

Désir d'infini

Choreography, Dance: Juju Alishina
Violin : Thol Mason
Costumes : Myriam Gravalon, Setsuko Ohtani
Creation bande-son : Fred Fayt
Organizer: Alan Frank
Coopration :

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